Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall plantings

Well, summer didn't go so well with all the disasters, but hope remains for the fall! I sprinkled some broccoli seeds directly onto the hydroton Friday afternoon, and put a reflective cover over the top of the bucket to keep out the sun. The cover wasn't a perfect fit, so it allowed a little sunlight to peek in. But, you can see how quickly the seeds germinated. Now Monday evening, it looks like most, if not all, of the seeds have germinated and are doing well. I'm not sure what the carrying capacity of this system is for broccoli, but I suspect some major thinning will be in my future in a couple of weeks!

A couple of weeks from now, I'll put in some bok choi and some spinach, and hopefully, barring any more major disasters, we should have some nice fall veggies by the end of October.

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Alan & Wanna said...

great to fine someoen else interestind in starting out on this. I'll be following your progress. Have a good weekend.

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