Thursday, August 7, 2008


Just a quick update to share some flower photos. This is a great blue lobellia and a cardinal flower (also a lobellia) in the wetland bucket. The fish are all doing well and enjoying the now twice daily feeding. They are getting big, and the plants are loving it, too. For next time, I will definitely start the fish out on twice daily feeding to ensure adequate nutrients for the plants. We've had a ton of tomatoes come in, the peppers are starting to ripen, the basil is growing, and the flowers are really getting big. I'll definitely post again when they bloom. Water is still crystal clear. The new pump is awesome!

So, there was a comment to see the whole setup, so this is it. The pond is in the foreground tapering to the waterfall which is centered in a raised bed of native plants in soil. In the background in the fenced in area are the two veggie buckets. Those are shown in greater detail in the next two photos. I uploaded the big images, so you can click on these to see everything in better detail.