Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of May Pics

Crooked neck squash leaf comparison. The aquaponically-grown leaves are close to 3X the size of the soil-grown leaves! These two plants were planted on the same day from the same seedling cup purchased from a local garden center.

Two identical tomato plants grown from seed. The aquaponically-grown seedling was about the same size as the soil-grown seedling is now. At this point, the aquaponically-grown plants are about to flower, while the soil-grown seedling will be lucky to survive!

Things are looking good! If there was ever any doubt as to the effectiveness of growing vegetables in an aquaponics system, these two comparison photos tell the story! There's no question that aquaponic veggies grow bigger and faster. Next question to answer is "Do the veggies taste similar?" Hopefully that little tomato plan will survive and get big enough to be able to compare tomatoes in addition to the squash.

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Fuzzy Wulf said...

Nice looking setup. You have a little leaf curling and very minor necrosis. It could be a slight potassium deficiency, but overall looking very nice.

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