Saturday, July 5, 2008

What the heck are these?!!

Found these little bugs on my squash this morning. What are they?


John Batzel said...

Squash bugs. We hates them! Hates them, forever!

You have enough of 'em there that I think you're best off trying to kill off most of them by hand.

Brian Naess said...

Thanks John! Tomorrow morning, I will wage war upon the squash bugs. The thing with aquaponics is that there aren't too many pesticides out there that you actually work that you can feel confident in spraying on or near your operation, because you don't want to contaminate your fish. So, it will be a physical battle. I will do my best, but the bugs usually win!

thomas said...

I stumbled across you in my own quest to develop a system. Great stuff.

It occurs to me that your fish would probably love to eat those bugs.

Each infestation could temporarily close the loop!

Ernie said...

They are squash bugs. Use and old vacuum (hand held type) to suck them up before they can run away. They sure are speedy. They can also cause the yellowing of the leaves. Squash vine borers can cause the leaves to turn yellow and kill the plants. If you leave the fish outside it will kill Tilipia as they are a warm water species and dye from temperatures below 50 degree F. Koi fish might be a better species for outside and could produce a good income. You wouldn't have to sell many to get a good profit.

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